The International support distance is a form of support which aims to help needy children and their social context directly in their home country.
The expression “long-distance adoption”, although among the common language, is no longer used nowdays: in fact the relationship that develops between the supporter and the beneficiary doesn’t mean a real adoption, but a practical support which allows children to grow and create for themselves a better future, make by their own efforts and in their community.
For distance adoptions AISPO collaborates with the ” Italian Association Uganda “, a charity organization that supports needy children of Uganda, to help them giving a better future.
We have worked side by side with Father John, an Italian missionary in Uganda since 1964.Today Father John Luzira lives in the outskirts of Kampala, and welcomes every day in his mission people in need of everything: food, clothing, work, but also to listen and comfort them.
His biggest concern is to ensure a future to the many orphaned children who go to him with the desire to go to school.

Uganda is the country with the highest percentage of children in the world: the population under 15 represents the 49%, while in Italy is only the 15%. For many of these children, the access to education is barred by the difficult economic and social situation in which they live. In Uganda, in fact, there are no free schools so, to attend, you must pay a fee. With the international distance support you can help these needy children by providing, through a small economic contribution, to their needs, especially their education.Candidates for the distance support are ugandans children and adolescents, who live in extreme poverty and destitution. Typically they are orphans of one or both parents and is the task of our representatives on site to verify the real need and the desire to grow.The support for a student costs 26 € per month for a total amount of 312 € per year, payable in installments.Con this amount you can contribute

-School fees and teaching materials


-Health care

For more information download the brochure of distance support
To join you must fill out the form and send it by email or by fax to 02.2643.4484
To have more information please contact Simona Bernabei Tel. 02.2643.4481 – Email.