Corporate social responsibility is acquiring more and more importance among leading companies. Being involved in humanitarian projects brings many advantages in terms of visibility and reputation: it enforces the brand’s strength, both among external stakeholders and among employees and collaborators, improving the sense of belonging and the consideration towards the company.
The ways to collaborate with AISPO are many. Partnerships are built after a careful analysis of the company’s core-business, strategic objectives and according to the real humanitarian needs that AISPO has to meet: it’s a win-to-win logic.

SPONSORSHIP. The company can fund projects in developing countries or fundraising events on the Italian territory. Otherwise the company can choose to kindly donate goods and services.
CAUSE RELATED MARKETING. The company associates AISPO logo with one of its products/services and/or communicates AISPO activities, campaigns and values through its (online) channels.

All donations accomplished through banking channels benefit of fiscal advantages. To know more, visit the website
Please contact Simona Bernabei Tel. 02.26434481 Email