AISPO is an NGO and lives thanks to the voluntary contributions from people who believe in its work.
Any donation, small or large, can continue what we have done with passion for 30 years and what we are still doing: give health to everyone, in the world.

– Because health is the first of human rights, the most important, invaluable, inalienable
– Because it is an NGO that has existed for more than 30 years, he has accumulated experience and expertise in the health sector
– Because it is one of the few in Italy that focuses its work exclusively on health, even highly specialized
– Because our work means quality: we can count on excellence clinic (doctors, hospitals, technical) that hosts the San Raffaele Hospital
– Because is a small NGO (which has deliberately remained) small: we can know all the employees and the relationship between people is close and human
– Because our credibility is recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which often draws us to operate in areas of crisis and because we work with many others national and international public institutions (universities, UN, etc ..)
To directly support our work please note that donations to AISPO (for which is always a certificate of donation) proven by the bank deposit receipt, can be done IN TAX DEDUCTION FROM ITS TAXABLE, in order to reduce the amount on which taxes are calculated.

Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Barlassina
IBAN code IT13 E083 7432 4800 0000 0103 514