MAECI: € 449.880




Herat, Afghanistan



Objective: contribute to improve the health status of the pediatric population in Herat Province – Afghanistan – reinforcing the services to meet pediatric and neonatal emergencies.
Concluded: August 2013 – July 2014

Within the framework of this project the following activities were implemented:
· Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance at the Pediatric Hospital “Mofleh”: organization of a maintenance service; repair of the electric and plumbing plant; building of a new water tank; upgrade of the oxygen distribution system, etc.
· Renovation of a 390 sq. m.area to host the new 30 beds department of Neonatology linked with the Public Maternity Hospital;
· Enlargement of the structure hosting the pediatric emergency service of the Regional Hospital of Herat;
· Refurbishment of some functional areas of the First Aid Department of the Regional Hospital: realization of an oxygen plantin the triage area and installation of a digital X-ray equipment.

Direct beneficiaries:
· Herat province pediatric population (about 700.000 children, constituting 40% of the all province population)
· The patients admitted to the “Mofleh” Pediatric Hospital (an average of 100 children / day , depending on seasons).
· The patients attending the Pediatric Emergency service at the General Hospital (an average of 1.000 children per year)
· The women who have access to the Prenatal and Delivery services of the Maternity Department of the Regional Hospital (an average of 23.000 deliveries per year). After delivery the mothersmay now stay near their children hospitalized in Neonatology.
· The maintenance technicians who acquired competencies working together with the Italian Expert.

Indirect beneficiaries:
· The personnel working in the structures benefitting from the project: about 50 persons of “Mofleh” Hospital; about 80 health personnel of the Maternity Department; 8 professionals at the Emergency Services of the Regional Hospital; about 25 workersat the emergency department; all ofthe above persons are now working in a better environment.
. The entire population of Herat (about 400.000 people – if we take into account the population of the province the number rises to about 1.7 million).
. These people can now refer to public health hospitals restructured both in terms of structure and functionality.