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Fondazione Italo Colombiana del Monte Tabor



Regione della Costa Pacifica Colombiana
(Chocó, Cauca, Valle and



This action seeks to strengthen and consolidate emergency and disaster response capabilities through the implementation of a well-trained and self-sufficient Fixed Type 1 Emergency Medical Team (E.M.T.) and a surgical cell jointly with the San Raffaele Hospital Boat. The project will deliver health services through a mobile field Hospital and the Boat. The E.M.T will be on call and in coordination with International and National authorities. The deployments will be done according to global (WHO) and national guidelines and procedures. Moreover, the project will work on the process of classification of the EMT by the WHO Secretariat and all the activities are structured to follow all the steps to reach the registration.



Strengthen the capacity of communities, health institutions and personnel to build resilience and respond quickly and effectively to emergencies due to natural, human and epidemiological causes, taking into account a family a ethnical approach.


  • Recruitment and selection of personnel from the Roster of volunteers and personnel available for EMT deployment
  • Theoretical and practical training course for medical, paramedical and logistic personnel of EMT Type 1
  • EMT logistical and operational readiness: equipment inventory of technical and medical equipment for the operation of EMT Type 1 Fixed
  • Elaborate procedures according to self-assessment and guiding principles of WHO to reach the global classification of the EMT.
  • Provide health care assistance within the framework of the deployment of the EMT Type 1 Fixed and/or San Raffaele Hospital Boat according to the risk scenario identified.
  • Execution of simulation exercises to strengthen and train in humanitarian assistance deployment and response procedures the Teams to reach EMT Type 1 Fixed certification by WHO.
  • Emergency care to suspected cases of COVID-19, or other health emergency through deployments of Barco Hospital San Raffaele and/or EMT


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