In progress


Iraqi Kurdistan



Phase I

  • strengthen the skills of the health direction of the Governorate of Duhok through technical assistance in the war emergency management to improve allocation of human and financial resources available.
  • renovate and equip some health posts capable of filtering the health demand coming from war zones, delivering quality services to those patients who have conditions that can be addressed on site, and referring those with more complicated diseases to levels of diagnosis and higher care.
  • The reference system has also been strengthened through the provision of three ambulances equipped to provide advanced life support. Ambulances have been equipped with a radio system that will link with the operations center located in the Emergency Hospital in Duhok.
  • The staff has been recruited and trained by the project at various levels of emergency services.
  • The training activities have also affected the health staff located in 23 refugee camps in the Governorate of Duhok, which have been equipped with a backpack kit containing all the necessities required for first aid provision

Phase II

Priority remains on the improvement of the health conditions of the displaced population and the host community, through further strengthening first assistance services in 23 Primary Health Care Center of Zakho, Sumel, Duhok, Akre, Amedi, Shekhan districts and the integration of urgent medical-emergency service (122) provided in the existing camps and expected new ones to accommodate the newly displaced people from Mosul.

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