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AICS (Italian Agency for Development Cooperation)


University of Sassari, Department of Biotechnologies



Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan


The General Objective is to contribute to the improvement of the health of the population of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region.


  • Creation of a regional technical-political committee.
  • Creation of inter-institutional committees.
  • Elaboration of a training project to enhance and standardize training pathways aimed at students in the health professions.
  • Implementation of courses for the training of university mentors and clinical tutors in hospitals.
  • Supervision of practical training in 10 hospitals in the region.
  • Elaboration of a needs assessment of the necessary teaching aids (simulators, e-learning platform, healthcare furniture, etc.).
  • Structuring the management of the multipurpose center.
  • Technical support through missions of specialized personnel from Italy.
  • Training and workshops for the preparation of the training center staff.
  • Planning and purchase of necessary teaching aids.
  • Elaboration of a didactic plan for local trainers and for students’ practical training in the areas of pediatrics and hematology.
  • Selection of local trainers and their theoretical-practical training in Italy (through scholarships) at qualified training centers.
  • Activation of practical training courses: refresher and professional retraining courses for health personnel already employed (displaced persons, refugees and host communities).
  • Technical assistance by experts in the specific areas mentioned above in the context of practical training.
  • Evaluation of practical traineeship training paths.
  • Tutoring of trainees by Italian experts in Italy and during their insertion in hospital facilities, including an evaluation of their performance.