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Financed by European Commission ECHO

Duhok Emergency and Trauma Teaching Hospital is the only tertiary hospital in the Province that has Intensive Care services delivered through a 4 bed ICU unit. The ICU bed occupancy rate of this unit, according to Duhok DGoH statistics, is above 98%. Often there is no space for critical patients in the emergency observation unit or ICU, with an average of 25-30 emergency operations carried out daily in 2 operating theatres with a total of 3 operating beds. In addition, 20-35 elective surgical operations are performed daily in a dedicated Operating Room and a new surgical block to be completed by September 2018.

Duhok Emergency and Trauma Teaching Hospital receives all war-related causalities, trauma, road traffic and other emergency surgery cases with a daily average of 5-10 severe/major trauma cases, many needing intensive care services. With this overload and limited capacity, many patients in need of critical care are therefore transferred, despite the high risk and when possible, to Azadi General Hospital or to private hospitals.


Enhance critical care services for internally displaced persons, refugees and local community in Duhok Governorate at the Duhok Emergency and Trauma Hospital through the creation of a high dependency unit for the care of semi critical patients.


Construction of a new High Dependency Unit in Duhok Emergency and Trauma Hospital to increase the number of available beds for critical patients from 4 to 9. This will create a new unit for critical patients that delivers semi-intensive care services, in addition to the existing intensive care unit, to improve the quality of care.