Otto per Mille Waldesian Church


Ambanja, Madagascar


The main objective of the project is: to improve maternal and neonatal health services in the city of Ambanja.

The Specific objective is to engage leaders and the community as a whole to create a system of rules of conduct (DINA) on maternal and newborn health and increase coverage of antenatal visits in the city of Ambanja


R1.A Personnel selection, constitution of the Dina Assembly and Committee
R1.B Training of trainers and healthcare personnel
R1.C Development of the pedagogical material and the guide “The Dina to improve the health of mothers and newborns”
R1.D Selection of the two pilot quarters
R2.A Community outreach
R2.B Development of Dina through community meetings
R2.C Management Committee meetings
R2.D Meetings of the General Assembly
R3.A Implementation of the first Dina
R3.B Implementation of the second Dina and following
R3.C PANDA pre and post natal visits
R4.A Data collection and survey of women and health personnel to verify the effectiveness of Dina
R4.B Seminars at community level and ministerial level for the dissemination of project results
R4.C Scientific publication of data collected on PANDA visits


Project supported with Otto per Mille funds from the Valdese Church