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Waldensian Church of Italy (Otto per Mille)


Ambanja, Madagascar

Project supported with the funds Otto Per Mille of the Waldensian Church


Improve the living conditions of women and newborn babies in vulnerable situations through integrated social and health services with quality medical exams pre and post birth, a listening center with psychological and legal support, social inclusion, cultural activities, computer literacy courses and academic remedial courses.


  1. Healthcare: the PANDA telemedicine programme will be activated at the dispensary of the public hospital in Ambanja. A training course on maternal health will be offered to doctors, midwives and nurses at the dispensary. The course includes training on the use of the PANDA system. The planned activities are:
    • Pre- and post-natal visits to the Ambanja public hospital dispensary using the PANDA telemedicine system.
    • Sociocultural-psychological-legal intervention offered to the women of the PANDA program, particularly in situations of domestic violence, seropositivity
  2. The second activity involves the activation of a space called “Women’s House” (trano ny reny) with listening and psychological and legal support to facilitate redemption from violence, to fight against the stigma of seropositivity, to develop personal skills and work on identity and self-esteem. This activity will be carried out with local staff, trained thanks to a distance learning course of the Faculty of Psychology of the San Raffaele University of Milan, which will also guarantee a system of tutoring for quality psychological care.

The centre will also provide:

  • Legal support, by the staff of the Municipality of Ambanja.
  • School support for single mothers who have been forced to drop out of school
  • Reading group with interventions in schools and prisons
  • Theatre activities with cineclub and cyber cafes
  • Choral with choir and vocal classes
  • Basic computer courses. A training centre for the implementation of computer literacy courses promoted and co-funded by the ST Foundation (https://www.stfoundation.org) will be set up to provide both technology and basic computer training courses free of charge to those who have no knowledge of using a personal computer or Internet access.

Co-funded project: ST foundation, MIARO, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG) and Madagascar Ministry of Health

Local partners: ST foundation, MIARO

Donor’s website: http://www.ottopermillevaldese.org

Duration of the project: 3 years, Waldensian Church financing for 12 months