University of Sassari


Sant’Egidio- ACAP


Sofala and Maputo, Mozambique


The general objective of the project is to improve the quality of public health services in Mozambique.

The specific objective is to improve the training system for technical health personnel by strengthening the National Directorate and Training Institutes in the provinces of Sofala and Maputo, both by developing the technical capacity of teaching and management staff and by improving teaching methodology, equipment, and technology.


1.1 Training of trainers

1.2 Supplies and rehabilitation in the institutions involved

1.3 Activation of the mentorship and tutorship program

1.4 Financial support to students

2.1 Technical assistance to managers and executives of the Ministry of Health

2.2 Assessment and updating of training curricula

2.3 Conferences, seminars and workshops

2.4 Continuing and on-the-job training of mid-level staff

3.1 Development of telemedicine at the central level

3.2 Equipping telemedicine workstations

3.3 Technical and theoretical training in the use of telemedicine