cartina moz




University of Sassari, Department of Biotechnologies


Maputo, Mozambique


Help ensuring the conservation of biodiversity through integration, training, funding and the creation of partnerships between different sectors of society.


  • Identification of EMU Master Schools and other Mozambican teaching institutions dedicated to environmental conservation to biosciences.
  • Provide scientific support to the teachers of the previously identified EMU Master Schools by sending Italian teachers to carry out some theoretical and practical teaching modules.
  • Provide 24 training grants in the areas of bioscience dedicated to human and animal health, environmental conservation and biodiversity and food quality.
  • Organize workshops and short courses on specific topics relevant to the themes of the project and RINO.
  • Offer training internships and scientific collaboration in Italy at institutions of excellence, with activities of technical and scientific updating and participation in ongoing research.
  • Conduct applied research in the field of zoonosis and communicable diseases.
  • Conduct applied research in the field of environmental conservation and biodiversity.
  • Conduct applied research in food quality control and environmental pollution.
  • Evaluate the demand for services from public and private institutions and the potential response from the UEM starting from the existing network of laboratories.
  • Assess the state of capacity and quality of UEM laboratories.
  • Upgrade laboratories.
  • Develop capacity to provide previously identified services, with particular interest in quality control procedures
  • Complete the process of certifying analytical procedures and begin the process of certifying laboratory environments to perform the quality control and analysis required for service delivery.