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Project funded by the European Union

and implemented by AICS and AISPO


Red Sea State and Kassala State


Project funded by the European Union and implemented by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and AISPO


To improve the quality and sustainability of Primary Health Services (PHC) in favour of the host communities, migrants, refugees and IDPs in Kassala and Red Sea States .


  • Provide Capacity Building and Technical Assistance to target LHAs (local health authorities) for health system management.
  • Provide training and on job training to front line health workers through partnerships with continuing professional development (CPD), Academy of Health Sciences (AHS) and Universities.
  • Strengthen EmOC services and the implementation of a referral system at the locality level.
  • Support National programs to increase women health and mitigate/prevent woman health risk factors, (e.g. Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer- prevention and early detection programs).
  • Rehabilitate and refurbish key health facilities in target localities.
  • Strengthen community based health services for migrants, refugees and IDPS.