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Port Sudan – SUDAN



This project is developed in cooperation with University of Sassari


Strengthening of the “Academy of Health Science”  through teaching skills: technical and laboratory assistants, midwives, medical assistants and nurses

  • technical assistance through long missions of a health expert / health coordinator
  • technical assistance through short missions of experts in various disciplines and for activities related to education and for those related to the organization and functionality of the internship locations departments (development of operating procedures, protocols)
  • support to the organization of courses for “laboratory technicians“, for medical students in the field of microbiology, bacteriology, virology, etc ..
  • technical assistance and distance learning from a health expert
  • technical assistance of a Sudanese medical expert high professional profile, for the entire duration of the project
  • financial contribution to the running costs of AHS of Port Sudan
  • provision of specialization scholarships at AHS / universities in Khartoum to AHS teachers
  • provision of a two month scholarship in Italy for 3 people per year

Improve the General Hospital of Port Sudan in some departments such as practical training units for AHS students (Hospital Maternal, Pediatric Hospital and Central Laboratory)

  • technical assistance and training of a construction expert for 3 months / year in the supervision of the civil works
  • priority / urgent rehabilitation of pediatric and maternity wards, and laboratories at General Hospital of Port Sudan
  • supply of equipment and furniture to the health departments at point above
  • economic support for supplies (contribution for drugs, reagents and consumable medical materials, equipment maintenance)
  • introduction of clinical guidelines and protocols in accordance with “international best practices”

Launch of the Hospital University research lines in Port Sudan, in collaboration with scientific institutes and research excellences, both Italian and international.

  • technical assistance from the University of Sassari, with university professors and researchers, on the field and from Italy
  • development of applied scientific research lines (as epidemiological knowledge on communicable diseases, research on antibiotic resistance)
  • registration of 3 teachers / researchers of the Faculty of Medicine / General Hospital specialists to a 18 months master in Khartoum, for professional training and acquisition of skills in the field of research.
  • elaboration of scientific documentation and publications in international journals.

“Sudan: Italy donates an operational unit for nutrition”- Italian Foreign Ministry website 

“Italy is in the front line in Sudan in the fight against the malnutrition of pregnant women, young mothers and children under the age of five and to improve the healthcare system of the Country so as to ensure access to quality healthcare services to as many people as possible”, said Italian Ambassador Fabrizio Lobasso during the inaugural ceremony of the Operational Nutrition Unit at the University Obstetrics Hospital of Port Sudan, the largest among the Red Sea States. The event was attended by Amad Abdu Rabu, Director General of the Ministry of Health, Abdallah, Director of the Hospital, Ali Ahmed Hamidt, Governor of the Red Sea State and Vincenzo Racalbuto, representative in Khartoum of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – AICS .
The Italian Cooperation system assigned to the AISPO NGO a nine month emergency initiative, worth in total some 350,000 euro, designed to face the local population’s severe and moderate malnutrition and to rehabilitate the semi-intensive therapy unit of the hospital. In particular, the initiative envisaged training courses on nutrition and on the use of semi-intensive therapy equipment for 65 gynaecologists, nurses and obstetricians, an increase in the number of beds for patients with nutritional problems, verandas and also sewers to limit the risk of infection. Some 12,172 pregnant women, women who have just given birth and children under the age of five are the recipients of the program which also envisages the purchase and supply of medicinal products.
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