In progress


Port Sudan, Sudan




  • Overall: To contribute to the improvement of the health of the Red Sea State population through the strengthening of the diagnostic and curative capacities of the health service
  • Specific: To improve the clinical capabilities of the Teaching Obstetric Hospital and the Paediatric Hospital in Port Sudan by intervening in particular on maternal and child health services


  • In order to achieve the first expected result, Academy of Health Science of Port Sudan (AHS), Faculty of Medicine of the University of Red Sea (UniRS) and Paediatric and Obstetric Hospitals, training centers, strengthened in their teaching skills mainly for courses for midwives, nurses, anesthesia and medicine technicians, the following activities are planned:
    • Technical assistance in long mission of a health expert/health coordinator for activities related to training, organization and functionality of the training sites (elaboration of operational procedures, protocols…)
    • Technical assistance and on-the-job training through on-site missions of 2 professional nurses (at the paediatric hospital and maternity hospital) 6 m/year each, and surgeons, anaesthetists, ferristas for 3 months in the second and 3 months in the third year
    • Technical assistance from a high-profile Sudanese medical expert throughout the project in support of the AHS, UniRS and the beneficiary business units
    • Financial contribution to the operating costs of the AHS and of the hospital training centres
    • Awarding of further education scholarships to Federal AHS/University in Khartoum for teachers of the AHS Port Sudan and UniRS (on average 4 people per year)
    • Provision of 2-month scholarships for 3 people per year in Italy at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan for surgeons and paediatricians of the two hospitals
    • Introduction of “Kangaroo Therapy” in the new postpartum room for underweight babies
    • Introduction of guidelines for the safe disposal of hospital waste
    • Technical assistance of a construction expert for 10 months for the supervision of civil works and a plant engineer for 45 days
  • In order to achieve the second expected result, Teaching Obstetric and Paediatric Hospital in Port Sudan rehabilitated and reorganized on international standards also to improve the practical training of students of the AHS and the Faculty of Medicine of UniRS, the following activities are planned:
    • Rehabilitation on international standards of the operating block and the labor and delivery rooms of the Teaching Obstetric Hospital of Port Sudan
    • Rehabilitation and creation of two outpatient clinics and a paediatric emergency room at the Paediatric Hospital in Port Sudan
    • Supply of medical equipment and furnishings for the services involved in rehabilitation and new construction
    • Supply of consumables and sanitary furniture to strengthen a health centre in the outskirts of Port Sudan