AICS (Italian Agency for Development Cooperation)



Kassala, Sudan





Strengthen health and WASH services for the benefit of the vulnerable population present in Hamdayet transit camp, in order to improve their living conditions and mitigate the negative effects of the humanitarian crisis, including for the host communities, through the creation of water points, showers, latrines and the rehabilitation of a health center.


  • Strengthening of the water system through the creation of a new supply point and distribution points of clean water in different parts of the camp.
  • Creation of showers in order to ensure proper personal hygiene of camp guests.
  • Creation of latrines in order to ensure healthy environments and respect for the fundamental rights of the person.
  • Rehabilitation of the Health Centre “Hamdayet”, in order to strengthen and expand the services offered by it.
  • Supply of consumables and medicines in order to ensure the proper functioning of health services.
  • Information campaign and awareness of the population on good hygiene practices and measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.