“The Madad Fund”

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Duhok Governorate, Kurdistan (Iraq)



The project was developed in collaboration with the Duhok Directorate General of Health.

The main objective is to increase access to quality and equitable Mother and Child and Emergency health care for Syrian refugees, IDPs and affected host local populations both through direct interventions and through strengthening health systems and capacities in Duhok Governorate – Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The project aims to:

  • Reinforce Mother and Child Health services in selected health centers and in Maternity and Hevi Pediatric Hospitals (tertiary level)
  • Reinforce Medical emergency response in Akre Emergency Hospital (secondary level) and Emergency Trauma Hospital (tertiary level).

The three main areas of intervention include: Civil Works, Equipment and Supplies and Training and Technical Assistance. The targeted health facilities include the Maternity, Pediatric and Emergency Hospitals in Duhok, the Emergency Hospital in Akre and 72 Primary Health Care Centers.

The results the project aims to achieve:

– Capacity of Duhok Maternity and Paediatric Hospitals increased by at least 20% to cope with the additional 62% increase in daily load and patient services

– Working environment of 72 main Primary Health Care Centres (59 in host communities , 10 in IDPs camps and 3 in Syrian Refugees camps) improved to provide better Mother and Child Health and Mental Health care services

– Capacity of Duhok emergency and trauma Hospital and Akre Emergency Hospital of Duhok Governorate increased by at least 30% to cope with the increase in daily work load

– Capacities of Duhok and Akre Emergency Hospitals health staff to provide better quality Emergency and critical health care services enhanced through structured training, and mentoring programs

This project is funded by the EU “Madad” Trust Fund

Tender for the supply of biomedical equipment for 2 operating blocks at Akre Emergency Hospital in Duhok, Autonomous Region of Kurdistan (Iraq)

Tender for the supply of medical equipment at Duhok Maternity Hospital, Autonomous Region of Kurdistan (Iraq)