MAECI € 349.890




Huè, Vietnam



This project is developed in cooperation with University of Sassari

Objective: support the fight against endemic pathologies, such as the genetic and communicable diseases, that are the main cause of infant mortality; the objective will be achieved through the development of advanced research capacities.

The initiative is the third phase of the “Carlo Urbani Project”, and it is strengthening the achievement of the previous projects. It wants to grant the sustainability of the reinforced capacities in promoting biomedical research within the scientific international panorama.
The Huè Medicine Faculty has been the beneficiary of the different phases of the project.
In the first phase (2007 – 2009) a high isolation laboratory (BLS-3) was realized in the microbiology department of the Faculty. The training of Vietnamese professionals was done in Italy mainly at the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Sassari and the University “Vita e Salute- Ospedale San Raffaele” in Milan.
In the second phase an Intensive Care Unit was realized to admit patients with severe respiratory infections. The personnel underwent training, with the involvement of theItalian, Chinese and Canadian Institutions.
Now the third phase is continuingwith the aim of reinforcing the capacities of the biomedical departments of Huè College of Medicine and Pharmacy (HCMP), realizing a Master Course and creating an International Institute for Biomedical and Biotechnology Research. The Institute will be an advanced education infrastructure and will boost sustainable scientific research able to produce innovation in technologies.
We expect to reach the following results:
n. 1: Realization of a two year Master Course open to 15 young doctors. The Course will be organized in collaboration with Italian Research Centers.
The main activities are:
· Short missions of Italian Experts
· Organization of an Italian / Vietnamese joint scientific commission.
· The commission is elaborating the didactic curricula and has nominated the professors.
· Design and provision of didactic resources, which comprehend the manuals, training and teaching devices.
· Selection of 15 motivated young graduates on a cultural / scientific base to be admitted to the Master
· Startup of the education activities of the Master.
· Sponsoring of 10 deserving students of the first and second year course.
· Sponsoring 100/month/person stages for 10 deserving students to prepare their thesis.
n. 2: Support for the creation of an International Institute for Biomedical and Biotechnology Research.
The main activities are:
·Structural adjustment of the Laboratories that will be part of the Institute and its integration with the existing structures (Carlo Urbani Center, Medical Genetics Center, etc.).
· Short missions (1m/year) of an engineer to assist the clinical engineering service of Hué Medical Center.
·Organization of an ordinary maintenance service of the labs. SOPs will be introduced with technical assistance by Italian experts.
n. 3: Design and development of at least four research lines of molecular diagnostics and epidemiology interest, of diseases genetics, of diagnosis and therapy through the use of biotechnologies.
The main activities are:
· Technical, scientific and organizational assistance by Italian professors and researchers for the development of research protocols.
· Participation of Vietnamese researchers to activities organized in Italy by Sassari University.
· Participation of Italian research centers and/or local or foreign companies to the research activities organized by the International Institute for Biomedical and Biotechnology Research.
· Purchase of the necessary equipment to develop all the actions foreseen by the project.
· Organization of two stages in Italy per year for young researchers and teachers.