AISPO is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO – non profit entity), founded by a group of operators of the Scientific Institute San Raffaele Hospital of Milan. AISPO was formally recognised in 1985 by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an organization suitable to implement cooperation activities in Developing Countries. AISPO is involved in many project to fight poverty, social injustice and the many diseases that affects the most poor people in the world.

AISPO operates through:
– developing activities, supporting with human and material resources several hospitals, health centres, dispensaries. Mobile clinics go trough the African savannas, the middle east deserts, the tropical forests, ascending rivers and lagoons which are means of sustenance but also causes of isolation and backwardness for the peoples who live there
– emergency actions, whenever there is the need to face the suffering of people hit by wars, by disasters due to the force of nature, by lethal epidemics.
– training activities: a constant action in all our projects, to enrich poor countries at least of professional competences, fly-wheel for development.

The Association finds its strength in the determination to defend the right of everybody to live an healthy life. A special attention is given to women and children, the most weak and authentic patrimony of poor countries. These ideals come from the Opera San Raffaele, with its hospitals, research centres and University. There AISPO can draw competences and resources to identify needs, elaborate and develop projects.

The scope of the Association is to grant to all the right to an healthy life, trough the constant commitment towards the fellow citizens of the world, even when they are living far in countries with poor or no resources.

Operate with the will to encounter the suffering due to the infirmity caused by economic and cultural poverty. Fight these miseries with all the means the science offers to cure the sufferings and grant the transfer of the scientific competence to the doctors and health operators of the beneficiary countries, instilling them the great value of the social responsibility linked to their role.

– recognize the dignity of a person even if disfigured in the body and the soul.
– respect anyone regardless to his or her ethnic group, his or her religious or political faith.
– offer the achievable best with regard to diagnostic and therapeutic protocols.
– never substitute the local resources but accompany them to grow together in the medical art, which cannot be such without an humanistic vision of the human being.
– sustain scientific research models which take in consideration the available resources; make the local doctors conscious of the need to participate to the efforts of the entire international community benefiting the entire world population.
– grant transparency of public and private funds through external audit.
– try always to offer the best we have and the best we are.