• Gynecologist for paid missions in Iraqi Kurdistan (Duhok)
  1. proficient in English language
  2. available for 2 or more missions, each mission with a 1 month duration

  • Obstetrician in the Maternity ward and in MCH service (Wau – South Sudan)
  1. Management of pregnant women admitted in the ward: doctor visits- procedures – reporting – detection of vital signs (P.A. Temp. Partograph, fetal heart, diagnostic requests (lab – U / S, etc.). Administering therapeutic medicines as prescribed by doctors.
  2. Management of postpartum care of mothers and newborn babies, with particular attention to the detection of postpartum complications to be reported to the responsible physician.
  3. Evaluation of clinical risks.
  4. Preparation of the patient for the operating room and other activities in cases of obstetric emergency, if instructed by the doctor.
  5. Ensure hygiene standards of patients’ personal hygiene and of the environment throughout the service.
  6. Ensure correct dressing techniques for patients undergoing surgery.
  7. Ensure the correct compilation of all patient documentation.
  8. Monitor the correct management of the department’s drugs and materials.
  9. Respect service shifts.
  10. Training on the Job for all staff of the maternity service, aimed at improving their skills.
  11. Ensure supervision and monitoring of the MCH services including reproductive health activities (according to Hospital guidelines).

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